• Hair loss is mostly discussed with your barber or hair specialist.As the hair loss increases your hair specialist will suggest some styles as these do not cover the hair loss so hair transplant is a solution to all these problems.

    Hair transplant has become a buzz around the corner not only among celebrities but among normal people. 

    There are many quires regarding hair transplant how it will work out, will hair grow after transplant and so on. After a hair transplant, one can opt for any hairstyle you have been waiting for for so long.

    If you had a hair transplant Surgery recently you need to be extra careful for some time if you want better results. Even before planning for a hair cut you should remember that the scalp is very delicate even if you shampoo it.   

    The scalp will need special attention for the grafts to settle down after ten days the transplanted hair follicles intact in your scalp. You have to wait for the scalp to recover from redness, scabbing and scarring.

    The surgeon might recommend a special shampoo for hair wash as you need to be gentle with your scalp.The hair which is not transplanted will grow very fast than the transplanted hair. Transplanted hair can only be shaved after three months.

    The transplanted hair will only grow after two months and it will be thinner than the normal hairs.After some time the transplanted hair will fall off which is called shock hair loss and these hairs will grow back with more thickness. This hair is permanent and will not fall off and you can have a haircut and remember only with a scissor. Do not use a shaving machine for the transplanted hairs as they might damage the transplanted hairs this can be done only after about six months. 

    For styling of hair, you have to wait for your scalp to heal as misallocating the transplanted hair is minimal.It is better to avoid heating products or chemical dyes for the latest for a month. As this will damage the new hair follicles in the initial stages as these may react in the sensitive areas. 

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